At Soeiro we take advantage of technological advances to be more respectful of nature. Modernity must be concerned about the impact it has on the environment, this is how we manage to advance in a sustainable way.

Renewable energies are also part of our construction and renovation projects:

  • Installations of solar panels, taking advantage of photovoltaic solar energy.
  • Installations of geothermal energy plants, transforming excess heat or cold from outside the home into energy that regulates the temperature inside the home or swimming pool.

We work with technologies that allow for greater efficiency, durability and energy savings:

  • Water treatment by salt hydrolysis, which does not require as many chemicals and does not produce as much waste.
  • Water filtration through glass sand, which needs less water and energy to be even 50% more efficient than silica sand filtration.
  • Installation of covers to facilitate water maintenance.
  • Installation of diode lighting systems, or LED bulbs: a now commonplace choice because it makes better use of energy than traditional bulbs.
We are also installers of home automation systems. Home automation is a tool that combines various technologies to automatically (and more intelligently) manage lighting, air conditioning and the operation of household appliances. It is possible to take advantage of night-time electricity tariffs, natural energies and to have total control of household consumption. The following video shows how easy it is to have all systems under control.


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